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At Sandhaven, talent, integrity and hard work form our foundation



At Portola Farms in Woodside, California

Our philosophy is simple. We believe every horse should be treated as an individual, complete with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. Each horse needs to be ridden differently, trained differently, and cared for differently.

We also believe that every horse has a job to do. Whether jumping the 2’3" division, or at the World Cup level – they are all superstars.

Our Team

At Sandhaven, your success is our success. Learn more about Jeff Fields and Rachel Fields.


Show Program

Led by Jeff and Rachel Fields, our show program ensures that each horse and rider team develops the confidence and experience to fulfill their potential – and have fun doing it. [Learn more...]

Horse Sales

Through our trusted relationship with Stal Hendrix, we always have access to a select group of top show horses and prospects. [Learn more...]